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How Do Models Always Look Good?

Models always look good, right? It’s part of the job description to always appear absolutely flawless for every single photo opportunity, but sometimes what you see on camera isn’t always reality. It’s an important lesson to learn early on in the industry that whilst yes, models always look good in theory, there’s a lot of work that goes into that. From the make-up artist through to the photographer and then the person who edits the photos, there’s always someone else working away behind the scenes.

On every modelling job, there is an entire team of people working away behind the scenes to ensure that a model looks his or her best. There will be the people who initially chose the model for the job – as there will have been a set ‘look’ in mind. There will be hair stylists and makeup artists, too, to ensure the creative vision is fulfilled. In many ways, it’s an art form.

The photographer will also be skilled at portraying people to look a certain way. Then you have the fact that lighting will be taken into account as well, and there may even be extra help such as a wind machine. Finally, photos will be edited to achieve a look of perfection.

Is It Important That Models Always Look Good?

On a shoot or a catwalk, a model is paid for one thing, and that is to look his or her best. If she or he did not look the part, it would entirely defeat the object. That’s why there’s such a focus on aesthetics, because at the end of the day they’ve been hired to accentuate the worth of clothing or a brand. The idea is that they look unattainable, or at the very least, desirable.

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