Our target is talented youth with unique challenges who will welcome a chance to do what they enjoy doing and get rewarded for doing it.

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How we started.

Founded by Dr. Samson Misango and models Zeddy and Vicky with the intention of helping models who were feeling otherwise exploited in the ruthless modelling industry. We recruited our first model, then a 3rd year student in university, who took a position in management of the agency and more models were recruited from then on.

We developed our mission, vision, motto and logo entirely from scratch, based on the sad fact that many young people were seeking for a chance to get into the industry but either lacked means or a proper platform, and instead faced exploitation.

Why Us

We give a second chance

Never mind what industry has judged you, you still have a chance to make it.

Brilliant Team

We have an experienced team that will insure you get everything in modeling

Available Contrywide

With our branches in major towns makes it easy to get you onboard.

Creative & Professional

We not only train you but involve you in all events that we are involved

Our Mission

To be a beacon of hope to all those disadvantaged persons in Kenya and abroad who have a dream for a better life by providing entertainment to others and getting rewarded for doing what they enjoy doing

Our Vision

To identify and empower disadvantaged persons by providing them with opportunities to jump-start an entertainment career to make them independent individuals.

Our Motto

Our motto is: Grab that chance!