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We are here to identify and empower disadvantaged persons by providing them with opportunities to jump-start an entertainment career to make them independent individuals

entertainment for self sustanance!

Let’s models with a purpose
Tiffany Richards
Executive director of pretty Media

“A fantastic, professional and comforting environment. Excellent staff with the ability to help boost your self esteem and give you motivation. A studio which I would recommend to others.“

Diana Adams
Professional Model

“It was my first ever photo shoot and I’m happy I got the chance to have one through secondoption agency! They don’t make you feel like an outsider, friendly, give great advice.

Miriam G.
Processional model

It’s been a while since I had a photo shoot but after today’s shoot it reminded me just what I missed out on. I now feel more inclined and more serious to be a model and I can use their support to help me apply to agencies.

Richard F.
Freelance model

“In terms of service provided by secondoption agency, I think you are top rated and definitely exceeded my expectations. REALLY IMPRESSED. I have no words to thank you and your efforts.”