Corporate Social Responsibility

“Touching One Child At A Time”

We have labeled our corporate  social responsibility as “TouchingOneChildAtATime” where we engage in community service visits to underprivileged members of the society once a month. We give school uniforms to previously identified needy children who are schooling in public schools. We have spread our campaign as our Community Service Responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) using the social media hashtags. #CommunityService #ModelsWithAPurpose #TouchingOneChildAtATme in #PublicSchools with #SchoolUniforms. We have been having this monthly campaign every month since we started and we encourage other partners who believe in our mission and vision to partner with us as we transform the lives of these disadvantaged children using our models with a purpose.

Join us in this noble work!

We welcome any kind of support towards making the lives of those children better, we understand they need us for them to make and realize their dreams and the little you give the more their studies get better, this door is open to everyone in the society, you can support as individual, organizations or even corporate. for more info visit us at our office or call us through the contacts on contact page.
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