Face of the Agency pageants

We take entertainment to the next level with unparalleled quality.

Our yearly Face of the Agency pageants happen in November where our models get to participate in competing for the title and crown as the Face of Second Option Agency with the most recent being held on 27th November 2021 at Mombasa

Our winners are also awarded a few prizes and an open opportunity to join and be part of the agency hence acknowledging their talents.


Apart from our face of agency event, we also do other activities relating to  product advertising and many more.

Product Presentation

Turn your venue, product, or event into an immersive experience with absolutely unmatched presentation. our team has a gift for creating brilliance for your customers, dazzling them at each opportunity.

Marketing Experiences

At secondoption agency we helps you create a positively mesmerizing marketing experience that your visitors will never forget.

Let us improve your business!

We understand consumer motivation. Most of all, our team understands the importance of our client’s vision.