As secondoption agency we believe in “model with purpose”

As a model agency, we help aspiring models begin their journey in the industry. With over 2years of experience, we can direct talent on what the next moves are to become a successful model. We invite candidates to our studios for a photo shoot where expert make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers work to create professional photographs to build a model portfolio. We help hopefuls on their next step and how to apply  armed with their amazing images.


These are the areas we focus on in modeling activity

Runway Catwalk

We have intense runway catwalk classes for High Fashion models and models who would like to participate in Pageantry. Our Runway trainers are qualified and they walk with the models until they are qualified to audition for Fashion and Pageantry events.

Image, Print makeup & Photography

Image Consultancy involves fashion & style awareness and proper personal care. The trainee learns proper branding on social media for brand advertising. Editorial and Catalogue modeling is also covered in Print modeling during our photoshoot for a portfolio and comp card.

Commercial Modeling

We train models in one of the broadest categories which is commercial modeling.We focus on professional etiquette, public speaking,acting and advertising skills.

Talent Coaching

In talent section we cover Dance classes and performances. Here the models learns about stage performance and teamwork during the dance sessions.

Become a model? The chance is now!

Our target is talented youth with unique challenges who will welcome a chance to do what they enjoy doing and get rewarded for doing it.