Talent Coaching

We continue to recruit and train new faces in modeling industry.

Our trainings are extensive and involve a wide range of activities which are listed in our module. The module runs for a nine-week period which includes at least two photoshoots for our models. Our sessions are held on two Sundays in a month; every two weeks, conducted by a professional trainer.

We engage our models in runway, fitness, etiquette, grooming and photography classes in order to ensure development of top-notch and all-round models in the creative industry.



We have intense runway catwalk training classes for High Fashion models and models who would like to participate in Pageantry. Our Runway trainers are qualified and they walk with the models until they are qualified to audition for Fashion and Pageantry events


In fitness section we cover body fitness classes and performances. Here the trainee learns about body fitness, stage performance and teamwork during the dance sessions.

etiquette & grooming

We train models in one of the broadest categories which is commercial modeling.We focus on professional etiquette, public speaking,acting and advertising skills. We focus on professional etiquette, public speaking.

Become a Model?

Our recruitment of models was and has always been based on the emphasis on character and model profile of a person with a purpose in life.